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Can this 気持ち reach you?

14 ・ 君に届け!

20 April 1992
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karayuquex, also known as april, is a singaporean girl obsessed with japan. in fact, she's actually in japan right now for her further studies, studying to become a j-e translator (no pun intended)... though it might not really be what she'll end up in the end. ha.

she loves niconico douga, particularly the utattemita category - her favourite utaites are soraru, shounen T, and she admires the vocaloid producers DECO*27 and hachi. she also loves utada hikaru, sakamoto maaya, kamiya hiroshi, kajiura yuki, kanno yoko, and many others. she reads a lot of manga and watches quite a fair bit of anime too, and she tends to watch a few dramas each season (though in actuality, she doesn't complete everything she watches). she's just really obsessed with japan. and of course, not just the pop culture, but also the language, the people, and the traditional culture. oh but she doesn't LOVE the way the society works, but she finds it fascinating.

she doesn't bite but she'll appreciate if you can leave a comment if you add her as a friend. she's quite afraid of strangers, y'know.

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