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09 August 2010 @ 11:01 pm
On Utada Hikaru's hiatus.  
I guess I'm not too taken aback by this announcement since well, she did not release anything for a while now. But I guess I am indeed a little surprised and kind of sad.

I followed her for half her career. Not that long, compared to a lot others who have probably followed her since the first few albums, and considering that she did take a few breaks in between here and there... but considering that I'm still 18 now, and half her career means 6 years --- that's 1/3 of my life.

I like her voice. I like her music. I especially love the message behind many of her songs. I also love her way of understanding the world. And I love how she never felt far away from her fans. I love how sincere she is, and I also love the way she cares for her fans. I respect her as an artist, and I respect her as a person.

Her hiatus notice too, reminded me of why I respect her.

Debuting at a young age (15!), she got to experience many things that we couldn't, but at the same time, she couldn't experience many thing that normal people did. There were some parts of her that stopped growing. So she's going to take a break to experience those things that she couldn't experience, experience more things that she probably couldn't as a music artist, and experience the bigger world out there.

She's constantly seeking to improve herself. She doesn't negate her past experiences. She might have regrets (I wouldn't know but), but she does not dwell on the past. She doesn't brood over the "what ifs". She moves forward. She looks forward. She lives in the present. She lives for the future.

And, she really does care for the fans. At least, she will be doing many activities before the year ends and she goes on her break! A second single collection album, with possibly 4, or even 5 new songs on it! I can't wait for it. There are other activities coming up too.. I wonder if a LIVE is scheduled in it. If it is, and it's slated after my A Levels end, I'm definitely going. Even if I'm just going there to stay for the night to watch her concert and fly back the next morning, it'll be worth it. (Of course, if possible, I'll stay longer and do more stuffs there.)

I will wait for her return, patiently, but eagerly. I will continue to support her, both as a person and as an artist, throughout her hiatus. I will believe in her, that she'll return one day. And I will believe in myself, that 2 years down, or 5 years down, or even longer than that, I will still remember her, I will still be her fan, I will still be supporting her, and I will still hold this respect (even deeper) for her. That when she returns from her hiatus, I will be rejoicing and shedding tears of joy (though maybe not literally crying).