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10 January 2010 @ 10:20 pm
HSJ on Shokura  
Just watched Shokura (lol wth am I doing when I'm supposed to be finishing off my holiday homework), and I have to say, I missed HSJ. Oh well, at least they're still very much active (just not active for us overseas fans to see) and seeing as Hikaru says that they would like to try eating together as 10 people more, and Yabu says that they hope to do more group stuffs this year (since last year was peppered with solo activities), I suppose they'll still be here for a while. (Well, duh, they've only been here for slightly more than 2 years.)

Romeo&Juliet, despite how absolutely corny the lyrics are, managed to bring a smile to my face (though most of the time I was wearing a horrified - by my own definition - expression, lol). It was good to see them dancing together (even though they "singled" out the three shortest people lol). And UMP at the end made me miss that song (I didn't think I would after that UMP spam, what, two years ago).

And it was amusing watching their own reaction to the Kouhaku performance (I found it hilarious - what with the glow-in-the-dark-esque stars and shiny in the glowy way costumes) - Yamada was serious and Chinen was smiling like lolol-so-that's-how-we-look-on-TV. XDD;;;

And, I have no idea, but I still absolutely love NYC.

Now to wait for Music Japan Anisong SP to start showing. There's Kalafina with the new So.Ra.No.Wo.To OP and May'n with pink monsoon and Nakajima Megumi with that Kobato jellyfish song and zomg they're singing Lion together! Zooooooomg... I mean, I should really get started on finishing the rest of my holiday homework.

EDIT: Since I don't want to spam you guys, I shall just edit the post and add in my 感想 for the Music Japan Anisong SP 2.

1. Kalafina
Gosh I really love them. <3 Keiko was awesome tonight singing harmony to Wakana. And Wakana is as usual awesome with her voice. Hikaru too. <3 And their new song - Hikaru no Senritsu - is totally to my taste. I mean, I love their other songs recently, but I miss songs like this - like Sprinter, and Oblivious. This is still slightly different from that, but it sounds less... hard, I say. ^^ Soooooooooo this single is in my preorder list!

2. May'n and Nakajima Megumi
Actually, really, it's Kanno Yoko magic. <3 pink monsoon was awesome~~ though I really wonder why she didn't perform Universal Bunny instead (or well if she did, why MJ decided to broadcast pink monsoon first instead - they're going to air the complete version on BS2 in Feb. ;__; ). I mean, Universal Bunny can bring up the mood even more! But pink monsoon was still awesome. <3 And Nakajima Megumi. Jellyfish no Kouhaku wasn't really the song to showcase her sweet voice. And her voice don't really handle this sort of song well I guess. ^^;;; But anyway, LION!! It was awesome! I was amazed by May'n harmonization in the chorus. I guess I never really paid attention. ^^;; But it was great. =DDD

3. The rest
Well, there's still ELISA, Yousei Teikoku, Mizuki Nana, Horie Yui, and JAM Project, but I'm not really a fan of any of them (haven't really heard any of the songs they sang here 'cept for ELISA's 'cuz of Railgun). But I say Mizuki Nana performed well (though a little forgettable), and Horie Yui was cute. XD I didn't really pay attention to JAM Project and Yousei Teikoku's song. But Yousei Teikoku is... sort of scary. I mean, the way they think fairies or spirits exist and we can't see them because we lost our pure heart so they're trying to purify us with their music (which isn't really purifying or enlightening I think). >__<;;; But oh well.

I can't wait for the complete version to air! More songs! More Kalafina! More May'n and Nakajima Megumi! <3
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