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31 December 2009 @ 05:56 pm
Good-bye to 2009 and hello to 2010!  
So the year is about to draw to a close (and I haven't blogged proper for a month already, and my internet has been kind of shitty since Christmas Eve urgh), and I've no idea what I accomplished this year. I can't really remember what New Year Resolutions I made last year (can't be bothered to check since my internet is preventing me from doing anything), so I'm just going to, well, discard them and make new ones.

But before that, I guess I should do a round up of the year (not the decade, my memory's not that good and my life isn't that interesting anyway). Note that it won't be in chronological order because my thoughts don't come that way anyway.

1. JCC
We didn't really manage to accomplish much, but I guess for a person like me, we did accomplish some... though I suppose some of them are just plain luck (say, the YOG related stuffs). But we got through the year, had a fun outing in the beginning of the year, and a good gathering at the end and we've got some juniors to continue our legacy (not yet a legacy, but soon-to-be).

2. School/Grades
I didn't get my ideal grades (though I doubt many did), but I suppose it's good enough and it shows that I can improve (no, not the room to improve thing but the potential to improve since I've been improving for most of my subjects).

3. Japan Trip 2009 with family
In terms of satisfaction (being happy and such), it's not the best holiday I had (the best was the SILS trip), but when you factor in Japan, yes it's one of the best holiday I had. I got to visit the places I want (the TV stations, Otome street, nice sceneries in Nikko, Kawagoe, and Kamakura - though I can't say much for Yokohama), buy the things I want (well, too many to list), and basically just walk the streets of Japan. Oh and of course the food, though I think I could have savored more if not for my parents (too expensive for five, or it's not to my parents' liking, or my sisters' - we have very different taste buds it appears), but oh well, there will still be chances in the future. I will make it back there.

4. Fandom
Fandom-wise, well, I've been getting back in anime and manga. Dramas, well, the recent seasons have been disappointing to me. >_<;; I can't remember any dramas that made an impression on me.

But as for anime, well, Bakemonogatari is one. I absolutely loved it. It's a little draggy sometimes (ok, not just sometimes, but almost always in the beginning of an arc), but the ending makes up for that (it blows me away, almost always). The directing and animation might be pretentious, but hey, who says that you can't be pretentious and good at the same time. And anyway, I found it fascinating (though the super-quick flashing of blocks of words really irks me) and it complemented the source material - it made it Bakemonogatari, if you get what I mean. Without the Shinbo touch, Bakemonogatari won't be the Bakemonogatari it is now. And of course, I love the characters (Koyomi, Shinobu, Hitagi, Mayoi, Tsubasa, Nadeko, Suruga, in that order, from my favourite to my least favourite - which is still a favourite, yes).

Other than Bakemonogatari, other memorable animes (at least, to me - I admit that my taste is different from the others and there's no "my taste is better than yours!!!" thing, 'kay? Unless it involves Naruto - which I dislike - and Bakemonogatari - which I love, though I admit that you can't term it a masterpiece, but you can't diss it either) are: K-ON (though I don't like Mio and Azusa much, Yui and Mugi-chan are awesome. And the music is nice - not great but good enough for me to get addicted to it for a moment. I can't wait for the second season!! More Yui, more Mugi-chan, and more K-ON music!), Eden of the East (was that 2009? I think so. Though the second movie is not out yet and I probably won't be able to watch that until the DVDs come out, I think it was great. I love Takizawa!! And Saki is interesting too - I still wonder what's she good at, leadership? I can't really tell.), Seitokai no Ichizon (not awesome all the time, but I like Key-kun and his interaction with the rest of the Seitokai girls. There are still some stuffs shrouded in mystery, but well, that's fine, it's good enough. A second season would be great though. XD).

And the following are still running but they're in my top list at the moment: Kimi ni Todoke (KAZEHAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, need I say more? Oh and SAWAKOOOOOOOOOOO. <3 And I love Yano. <3), To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (Mikoto~~~ and of course when they fight. <3), and..... well I can't remember much more.

2009 was also the year when I finally paid more attention to seiyuus, and I found the voices I like. <3 Kamiya Hiroshi~~~ Nakamura Yuuichi~~~ and I always like Ishida Akira (in his cool, zomg-silky voice mode). Oh and Namikawa just for Kazehayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and Italy (Doitsu~ Doitsu~) As for the girls, I'm taking note of Toyosaki Aki (more for music than her voice acting roles though I admit I'm impressed by the way she can sing in-character. Compare her Yui singing voice and her debut single!), Hirano Aya (that's since last year, but I can't help but think she have limited voices - Kurumi-chan nice-mode just reminds me of Reira too much!), and Kotobuki Minako (I think she's got potential. =3). Other than that, due to some blogs I read, I'm taking note of Hayami Saori too (Saki in Eden of the East). Oh oh, and you can't forget Sakamoto Maaya, my favourite voice in singing, and I can't help but be surprised every time I hear a character she voices. <3

Manga-wise, there are too many to list, but well, I guess it's the usual Skip Beat! (zomg the recent development is <3), Bakuman (oh I think this is a series I just got into this year, and it's getting an anime adaptation next year!), Medaka Box (written by NisiOisin - did I spell his name right? - the guy who wrote Bakemonogatari. And it's a really typical Shounen but it's well, nice and interesting and I really like it. XD), Kimi ni Todoke (need I say more? XD). Other than that, well, there are still a lot of nice ones, but I can't really remember their titles until they get updated.

As for JE fandom-wise, well, I'm still sad that HSJ didn't release a single single this year. ;_____; Though there was a DVD, it wasn't very satisfactory (the play was too draggy, they're still not singing LIVE, and their interaction isn't very interesting). Still, hope is in the air!! They're bound to release Romeo&Juliet (that was the title right?), yes? ^^ And I got sucked into the Arashi fandom (though HSJ is still my ichiban).

As for other RL fandoms, Sato Takeru (<3 though it's still not very obsessive. I'm just taking note of the stuffs he's in), BIG BANG (oh yes, but it's not very obsessive either, since I'm not really interested in their music - other than My Heaven, Garagara Go, Koe wo Kikasete and some G-Dragon songs and one Taeyang song, I haven't really heard any song that caught my attention), and...... not much else I think.

EDIT: I can't believe it but I totally forgot about my music fandom. But to do a quick round-up, my obsessions this year (which will most likely continue on for a while - a few years, perhaps?) are school food punishment and Lady Gaga. <3 They're kind of different, but what is similar about them is their passion for music. Other than that, I'm really looking forward to more things by supercell (hopefully nagi/gazelle will stick with them forever <3), and of course, I'm still really obsessed with Utada Hikaru. <3 Aaaand, I'm glad that HIMEKA debuted, and I'm now rooting for Lisa (aozorafantasii) and Nano to debut. <3

But woah, I wrote a lot for my fandoms, lol.

5. ......... Friends
Yep, friends. I mean it's not really an accomplishment, but this year's really the first time I thought "these friends will last even after I graduate" (though I won't say forever because there's not such thing as forever and I don't want to think that far ahead).

JQ: well, I don't have to say further. We have similar interests (and that helps a lot - フジョシ仲間!!), but not only that, we really treasure friendships (unlike some people I know) and treat each other with respect and sincerity (I hope I got that right. I know I do, and I think you do) - that is what's important to maintain friendship. I really hope to keep this friendship going for as long as time permits - thank you so much for 2009 and I hope we'll have a great 2010. =D

Si Min: though we're classmates for the previous two years, I think I only became friend-friend (not just classmate-friend) with you this year. =D And I'm really glad I became friends with you. Like the above mysterious-guy-fangirl, we have respect and sincerity holding our friendship together. And like the above, I really hope to keep this friendship going for as long as time permits (no, I did not Ctrl-V this) - thank you so much for 2009 and I hope we'll have a great 2010 (and no, I did not Ctrl-V this either). =D (And of course, I didn't Ctrl-V this too.)

And to the following people (also friendships I think can last beyond graduation) - T Jia Yi, O Jia Yi, Deborah - I really appreciate our friendship this year, and I'm really glad that we met (and talked and became friends). Here's hoping for a great 2010 together. =D

And I'm not sure how long these friendships will last, but I would like to keep them intact for as long as possible: Yvonne, Yu Yuan, Vera, Yuen Wai, Siew Yee, Jesmine. Thank you for the wonderful 2009, and I hope we'll have a great 2010.

If I forget anyone, well, I hope I didn't, but I treasure the friendship with you as well and I hope you do too. =D Thank you for the wonderful 2009 (it won't be possible without any of my friends), and I hope we'll have a great 2010 together. <3


Now 2009 is almost over (in about 6 hours as I'm writing this), 2010 will come, and of course, what does that signify? A new year, and new new year resolutions, yes.

1. Save money
a) Save $50 per month into my bank to save $600 for the year.
b) Try to limit my spendings on CDs (CDJapan and HMV) to SGD100 per month.
c) Try to repay my dad with any extra money I have in my POSB bank account at the end of every month).
d) Keep $30 per month in case of unexpected spendings.
e) Limit leisure-spending to $50 per month (of course, there are exceptions).

2. Slim down (to be more specific, one kg per month)
a) Exercise!
b) Eat less fast food (limit to once per month - Subway not included)

3. Attain all As for prelims (and for CTs, at most 2 Bs, the rest As).
a) Do homework diligently! (Hand up on time.)
b) Do revisions on weekends (More of making notes, lol)

4. Sleep well
a) No staying up beyond 11pm from Sun-Thu unless there's homework
b) No staying up beyond 1am from Fri-Sat

5. For JCC,
a) Make the internal Japan Week a success
b) Get at least half prepared for Japan Fest.
c) Get a partnership with WaseShibu!!

6. Keep in touch with WaseShibu friends!

And I think that is it. =D (Woah, that's a lot. ><;;; Shall repost this on my Facebook notes to remind self. Oh and if anyone have a Facebook account and am seeking more friends, feel free to add me!)

It's 5:45PM now and I think I should get ready to watch Kouhaku on my TV. =D
(Yes we have NHK World Premium. <3)

When the new year rolls around, it's time to continue slogging away on my projects and homework. (JCC proposals, H1 Maths homework, KI IS proposal, brush up on H2 Jap Coursework proposal, read the Geog notes and revise Computing practical!)
karayuquexkarayuquex on December 31st, 2009 03:18 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, thanks for the reminder. XDDD I ranted too much for fandom I forgot the numbers.